• Alfalfa Seed

    Alfalfa is high in minerals, vitamins and protein making it one of the most nutritious crops that can be utilized in any forage situation whether for pasture use or as a wildlife food plot crop. Depending upon the cultivar, Alfalfa withstands a wide variety of climates and is highly drought resistant because it can lay dormant for up to 2 years when in a drought situation.

  • Annual Ryegrass

    Annual ryegrass is a small seeded grass that can be grazed in spring or fall, hayed, used as a cover crop, plowed as green manure or used as a nurse crop for fall-seeded legumes.

  • Bermuda Grass

    Bermuda grass is one of the most sun loving warm season lawn and pasture grasses. Bermuda can be easily planted from grass seed.

  • Sorghum Sudan

    Sorghum-Sudan grass offer a solution to producing forage dry matter when an emergency occurs. They are warm season grasses, unlike most of our forage species which are cool season grasses.

  • Fescue Grass

    Fescue grass is a group of cool season grass varieties that grow from the USA transition zone, north into Canada as lawn, sports fields, commercial lawns, and pasture grass.

  • Bermuda Grass - Mejestic

    Majestic Bermuda grass seed is clearly the choice of homeowners, golf course superintendents, sport turf managers, and landscapers. Walking on Majestic bermuda grass is like walking on a fine piece or carpeting. With Majestic Bermuda's fine leaf, dark green color, uniform texture and dense turf, it is truly the royalty of Bermuda grass seed varieties.